Removed YouTube Video of Israeli Soldiers Dancing in Hebron

Just as a new YouTube video of IDF soldiers dancing in Occupied Hebron started to go viral, the creator of the video removed it from YouTube. Luckily, I was in the middle of writing a post about the video and was  able to capture the video online.

Using song, dance and humor in conflict zones is a topic that I will definitely be further exploring. Perhaps the IDF soldiers were inspired by the US soldiers in Iraq who recently published their a remake of a Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” What do you think about the video?

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12 thoughts on “Removed YouTube Video of Israeli Soldiers Dancing in Hebron

  1. Excelent they behaving as human beeings as they are,young boys in their prime!!And it was funny to see them dance.My son wants me to save it for him to see it he spent 3 years with that unit in Lebanon!Hurrah to IDF LOVE YOU

  2. Abuse of power Dubi, give me a break. This is clearly a no-man zone, to protect both Arabs and Jews. If the Arabs would only permit Jews to live among them, they would not need protection from these Israeli soldiers/kids.

  3. Why all the clicking noises when the music starts? & why is the film so choppy..It looks to me as if there have been many cuts ..It appears to me like someone has done some creative FILM MAKING..

  4. Some kind of “Operation Simpathy” to make them looks “good” in front of an american audience. While, in fact, they are murdering scum.

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  6. An Israeli only has to go to the local shop to incite media outrage at “occupation” “oppression” “apartheid” or whatever other fashionable anti-Israel buzzword is prevailing. Showing a sense of humour or lightheartedness, well that’s just downright unacceptable. How dare they exist, let alone dance.

    The victim mentality from Palestinians, who want an apartheid state of their own (while 1.5 million Arabs live in Israel) is what keeps them oppressed. Stop killing Jews and the Jews will stop sending soldiers to protect them. It’s that simple. Then there might even be peace.

    Palestinians and other Islamists have danced joyfully on many occasions. When they’re watching 3,000 Americans die, for example…

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