I am a proper combination of an artist, advocate, activist and DIY tester. I am passionate about people and change. I like putting theory into practice, reflecting and improving.

I am originally from America — I was born in New York, grew up in Seattle and studied in Cambridge and Northampton (at Mount Holyoke). For the past seven years I’ve been living in Palestine and Israel working for several human rights organizations. After being ten years away from Seattle, I decided to move home and am currently re-exploring my hometown accompanied by my partner.

I spend my free time studying Arabic, crocheting, cooking and illustrating  for and with family and friends.

Prior to my life in Seattle, I worked for Oxfam, World Vision and and  supported several Palestinian organizations with their external relations (communications and fundraising).

Once upon a time, I wrote an (unfinished) novel, articles for the Huffington Post and other news sources.

I like DIY projects, long walks in the woods, swimming in fresh water, rabbits, dogs and horses — which I mostly look at on pinterest.